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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."
(Pr 3:5-6 NASB)

The following is the vision of The Discipleship Plant:

1) To equip thousands of disciples over the next decade, all throughout the country, to think theologically regarding all matters in life and to inspire the kind of character and courage necessary to embody our Christian theology.

2) To aid in alleviating the shortage of Christian leaders within this country by making seminary-level training accessible to all regardless of financial limitations or schedule conflicts.   

3) To bring about the emergence of thousands of bivocational and nonprofessional Christian leaders to reach the numerous amount of people currently alienated from the Family of God.  

4) To begin a movement among Christian retirees ignited by high-level theological training coupled with missional energy to plant disciple-based Bible studies, prayer groups, and churches in areas most in need.

5) To have many come to know Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the teachings of The Discipleship Plant. 

6) To inspire people of all ages to center their entire life around God.

7) To help bring together numerous like-minded disciples of Jesus dedicated to God's great commission.

8) To better equip current Christian leaders, pastors, teachers, and preachers who have never had the opportunity to learn the Biblical languages and other high-level seminary disciplines.


9) To come alongside the local church's need of a program to train children in Bible study. 


10) To help children become proficient at studying the Bible at an earlier age in order to foster a love for the Scriptures and for character and leadership building.

11) To assist in removing the false notion from children's minds that K-12 schooling, friends, and sports are the things that really matter in life and that Jesus, the Church, and Christianity are just add-ons.  


12) To promote a safe atmosphere in answering teenagers' most challenging questions regarding life and faith before they leave the house and face potentially hostile Christian environments.


13) To provide an alternative way for shut-ins and other homebound individuals to grow in Christ when in-person instruction is not feasible.


14) To reintroduce the idea of studying history and great historical figures for the purpose of character building among our children. 


15) To help restore Bible study to its proper position: a wholistic endeavor that nourishes heart, soul, and mind.


16) To bridge the gap between Biblical academia and Bible study within the local church.

17) To fundamentally change the way the local church views the study of the original languages of the Bible. No longer seen as a discipline primarily used to dispute secondary matters of the Christian faith, but as a means to understand the word of God in its highest octane form and to help the Bible come to life for people like never before.


18) To fundamentally change the way we teach the original languages of the Bible. From day one, we will be using the original languages as our textbook to show its transformational potential in bringing the Scriptures to life. Regular oral recitation, songs, liturgical readings, and scribal copying of the Bible will replace the exhaustive rote memorization of vocab words and verbal paradigms that have too long caused people to abandon the study of the Biblical languages.  

19) To encourage older adults to learn the original languages of the Bible not only for discipleship reasons, but also to help prevent and delay memory loss.


20) To make learning Biblical Hebrew and Greek as viable of an option to children/teenagers as learning traditional foreign languages such as Spanish and German.

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